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The EDDYBONG is an innovative combination of a traditional water bong and modern vaporizer technology. Made from "THERACAN hemp clay," it combines functionality with the natural aesthetics of hemp. Each piece is handcrafted, making it unique and giving it a special aesthetic quality.
What is the EDDYBONG?
The EDDYBONG combines the functionality of a vaporizer with the traditional form of a bong. It offers gentle heating of herbs through vaporization, coupled with water filtration that cools and cleans the vapor. This design allows for significant heat retention and even heat distribution, leading to impressive vaporization results.
Health Benefits
Gentle Heating: Vaporization produces no combustion products, only vapor, which enables healthier inhalation.
Flavor and Purity: The water filtration system ensures cool, filtered, and thus clean and flavorful vapor.
Cost-effectiveness and Efficiency
Cheaper and More Efficient: The EDDYBONG allows for up to 20 hits per flower, making it very efficient. The remnants can also be reused for making cookies or tea.
Quick Handling: The bowl can be easily removed, emptied, and quickly refilled, allowing continuous vaping.
Versatility and Application
Versatility: Suitable for the use of various herbs and medicinal substances.
Medical Use: Ideal for patients who need a gentle and efficient method for consuming medicinal herbs.
Customer Service and Warranty
Comprehensive Support: A comprehensive customer service is available for breakages or defects. Spare parts such as filling bowls are available to ensure continuous use.
Purchase Incentives: Customers receive a credit when returning an old device upon purchasing a new one. There is also the possibility of customizing the EDDYBONG with glazes, patterns, and applied symbols and figures.
Overall Impression
The EDDYBONG impresses with its outstanding vapor production and high quality of the produced vapor. The flavor is very intense thanks to pure convection, and the efficiency in herb usage is remarkable. Combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, the EDDYBONG offers a healthy and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional smoking.
Experience the purest and most flavorful vaping with the EDDYBONG – your healthy alternative to traditional smoking. Visit our website or contact our customer service for more information and individual advice.

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